Our Services

Services you can trust from
e-commerce experts

We help small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s)
transform into online merchants, offering a full
range of support services for e-commerce merchants
who are looking to expand. Here at Brussolpro we are
expert consultants in the e-commerce industry. Our team
of consultants will be able to advise you on a number of ways
in which we can assist you with the day to day running of your
business. With our help you will have more time and energy to
focus on your core business model.

Data Management

Data is crucial for e-commerce businesses. We will help you to mitigate risk and support compliance journeys by identifying what data your business has, where it is stored, who will have access as well as ensuring that all of your critical data is governed, accurate and up to date.

Fraud Detection Packages

An effective fraud detection and prevention system is the core of any fraud risk management strategy for e-commerce businesses. Our teams will choose, install and manage software with functionality that works best for your workflow and business needs in general.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO (search engine optimisation) is key to the visibility and accessibility to your website. A good SEO system will ensure that your website shows up at the top of the right search engines, reaches the right audience and will in turn generate more sales and revenue.


SAAS is a software distribution model where the service provider hosts the application at a data centre for the customers to access via the internet, rather than downloading and installing the data themselves. This is the ideal model for e-commerce companies to subscribe to, meaning that they no longer need to maintain the hardware or other resources and can instead remain up to date on the latest software developments.

Fintech Expertise

In recent years the outsourcing of FinTech development products has been seen to be more cost-effective than developing in-house financial solutions. We will help you to partner with FinTech software development companies to support your financial requirements.

E-Commere Merchant Support

We provide a thorough approach to support you as a merchant in the online market to help you find the most effective and secure way of managing your online payments.

Technical Help Desk

An IT support desk will be able to help you resolve technical problems as they happen. This is essential support for any e-commerce company which relies on running smoothly 24/7.

Management Consltancy

Our management consultant experts will be able to assist you in streamlining your workforce and task distribution to ensure that your office and operations run as effectively as possible, ultimately saving overhead costs.

Treasury Management

Working with outsourced treasury management services will ensure secure management of your enterprise’s valuable holdings. We can manage your firm’s liquidity as well as mitigating your financial risks.

Client Services

We have the expertise and resources to manage your customer base to keep them coming back as repeat customers. We provide a positive user experience for your customers which will be demonstrated by repeat business.

Start-up Capital and Capital Expenditure

If you are an online merchant with a great idea but no capital, then we will help you to launch your business with business proposals and various funding and seed options to raise capital.

Backoffice Services

There is a lot that goes on behind closed doors at an e-commerce company, and we are prepared to do this for you. We can provide a variety of back office solutions to help keep you focused on the important stuff.